Galla & Forsdick et al. 2019 “Reference genomes from distantly related species can be used for discovery of single nucleotide polymorphisms to inform conservation management” Genes, 10(1), 9;

Genome assemblies and raw reads for the pied stilt and pied avocet are available on Genbank, as per the Data Availability section. Here, you will find the re-assembled killdeer, the assembled kakī genome, concatenated versions of all four genomes (kakī, pied stilt, pied avocet, and killdeer), and all VCFs for GBS and resequencing as used in the manuscript.

Kakī are taonga (treasured) to Māori (the indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand), and as such the genomes obtained from taonga species are taonga in their own right. Therefore, the genome for kakī and all VCFs for GBS and resequencing are password protected and will be made available on recommendation of the iwi & hapū (tribes) that exercise kaitiakitanga (guardianship) for kakī. To discuss this in more detail, please email

A local genome browser to view the annotated genomes and SNPs will be available shortly.