Kia ora! We are the Conservation, Systematics, and Evolution Research Team (ConSERT), based out of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our team is a collective of researchers collaborating in the labs of A/Prof Pieter Pelser and A/Prof Tammy Steeves. Check out our website for updates on current research projects from the ConSERT! You can also follow us on Twitter by using the hashtag #ConSERTeam.


ConSERT 2019. Front row: Natalie Forsdick, Jasper Obico, Jana Wold, Stephanie Galla, Ilina Cubrinovska (standing).Back Row: Tammy Steeves, Seoljong Kim, Aisling Rayne, Pieter Pelser, Maddie Croll-Dowgray, Roger Moraga. With us in spirit: Levi Collier-Robinson, Tara McAllister, Steve Pohe, and Ashley Overbeek.


ConSERT 2018. Front row: Jana Wold and Jasper Obico. Second Row: Ilina Cubrinovska, Aisling Rayne, Tammy Steeves, Pieter Pelser, Stephanie Galla and Jennifer Schori. Back Row: Levi Collier-Robinson, Roger Moraga, Lily Brailsford, Michael Bartlett. With us in spirit: Natalie Forsdick, Steve Pohe, Justin Pomeranz, and Ashley Overbeek.